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Delta Mop Systems

DMS 500

DMS 500

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A weighted mop head (7lbs), Telescoping handle (up to 7') and 4 washable terry cotton mop pads included.

Experiencing truly clean floors gives you the confidence and comfort of knowing that nothing was left behind. A weighted mop head does just that - paired with terry cotton mop pads, the two work together to create friction and pressure in order to deep clean messes and bacteria that tend to get embedded into your floors.

It's time to upgrade the cleaning solution for your floors.


Reusable cotton terry mop pads (4)

Mop Specs

  • 19" X 6" (500mm x 150mm)Mop Head Dimensions
  • 7 lb Mop Head (3.2 kGs)
  • Telescoping mop handle extends to 7ft (2.1m)

Mop Setup

After unpacking all components from the shipping box, remove the black tab lock pin from the telescoping pole, then insert telescoping pole into adapter piece at the base of the mop. After holes of the telescoping pole and adapter are aligned, insert the black tab lock pin to hold the telescoping pole to the adapter.

Best Mopping Practices

When ready to clean floors, sweep and/or vacuum floors prior to mopping.

Use preferred cleaning solution of choice or simply use water. (Best Practice: spray floors ahead of time and allow for cleaning solution or water to loosen tough stains)

Insert the mop base into a mop pad. (Best Practice: Wet the mop pad and wring out excess water from the mop pad before inserting mop base into mop pad)

Turn telescoping mop handle to loosen mop pole to adjust telescoping mop pole height to desired height. Turn again to tighten position of telescoping pole. Apply firm pressure to properly tighten telescoping pole.

Clean floors (Best Practice: Place hands near hips to push mop. As the mop pad dries up after time, either re-moisten mop pad or use new mop pad)

Adjust telescoping pole when in tight areas as necessary

Wash mop pads after use. (Best Practice: Wash mop pads immediately after use to keep mop pads looking new)

Please note, the Delta Mop is a heavy duty mopping system designed for those who want more effective cleaning out of their mopping experience. Being that the Delta Mop is heavier than traditional mops, a bit more effort will be required, but that added effort resulting in cleaner floors. 

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Cleaner Floors Today!

Save time cleaning by only having to do the job once. Our mopping system continually picks up dirt as you go. No need to stop and replace the mop pad or make several passes over the same area. The Delta Mop is a one-and-done solution that delivers the highest standard of clean.