The Delta Mop

A Heavy-Duty Mopping System for a More Effective Clean.

Effective Cleaning

Designed for those wanting more out of their current mopping solution, Delta Mop Systems was developed with a goal to provide more effective results when cleaning floors.  Reusable mop pads and a telescoping handle allows for customizable ease of use. Compare the Delta Mop with your current mopping solution to see the difference!

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Weighted Mop Head

Many ordinary mops, being lightweight in nature, don't provide the needed amount of pressure for thorough cleaning. Using a weighted mop head and the cotton terry mop pad, Delta Mops are designed to be a simple and productive means to cleaning any hard surface floor.

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Multi-Surface Clean

Delta Mops can be used on various hard or firm flooring types and surfaces, such as: hardwood, ceramic or porcelain tile, marble, vinyl, linoleum, polished concrete, natural stone, laminate, padded mats and so on. The option of simply using water with cotton mop pads (versus using cleaning solutions) makes for a gentle, yet effective clean.

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How to Use the Delta Mop

This isn't your typical mop-and-bucket cleaning solution and doesn't require you to get on your hands and knees in order to get a professional level of clean.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is to have Delta Clean floors!