The Delta Difference

We know how frustrating it can be when you try to deep clean your floors with a typical mop only to be disappointed with the result. After spending time and energy trying to achieve a truly clean floor, the last thing you want to do is have to go over your work again and again. We think a mop should deep clean on the first pass, saving time and effort.

If you're looking for more out of your current mopping solution, the Delta Mop was designed with you in mind. Experience the difference today!

Benefits and Features of the Delta Mop:

Save time cleaning by only having to do the job once. Our mopping system continually picks up dirt as you go. No need to stop and replace the mop pad or make several passes over the same area. The Delta Mop is a one-and-done solution that delivers the highest standard of clean.

  • A weighted mop head and terry cotton pad are the perfect pair to achieve a standard of clean set at even the highest of bars.
  • Reusable and washable mop pads
  • There's no need to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor, our mop handle has a telescoping feature that will extend the mop's reach to 7 ft - which is good news for our tall customers and their backs.
  • Detachable mop head for easier transporting
  • Option of simply using water with mop pads (versus using cleaning solutions)

Rest assured; your efforts won't be in vain since the additional effort required by a weighted mop means cleaner floors!

Proof it Works!

To see the difference between the cleaning capabilities of the Delta Mop compared to other leading mopping solutions, try this cleaning test by mopping the same floor using various mop pads, one after the other. Please refer to the picture on the right.

This test was performed by cleaning the floors with the leading mop pad, then afterwards with the Delta Mop. This test validates that the Delta Mop picks up more dirt, hence a more effective clean. Try the Delta Mop with your current mopping solution to see the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the mop pads made out of cotton?

Having tested with many fabrics, such as micro-fiber, sponges, and so on, we feel that cotton did the best job at cleaning floors and also not leaving a streak after cleaning.

Why are the mop pads white?

Many color combinations for the mop and mop pads were considered, but white with hints of orange were chosen. Dirt shows up well on white to note the effectiveness of the clean.

The dirt stains from the mop pads are not removed after washing.

It is recommended to wash the mop pads immediately after use, but if immediately washing the mop pads via a washing machine isn't an option and if it is desired for the mop pads to have that new look, please do a quick wash of the mop pads by hand to remove the initial layer of dirt until they are able to be washed in a washing machine.

What is the preferred cleaning solution?

Delta Mop Systems has no preference on which cleaning solution to use. Cleaning solution recommendations from the flooring manufacturer should be followed. Water can be used from time to time, as a replacement for other cleaning solutions.